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Dr. Arlene Kearns Dowdy opens up to share with her readers, the incredible, personal, love story she shares with her husband, Clay. Discover how God kept His sacred seed in their lives a secret, until it was time. For them, it has been a love worth waiting for! You will be filled with amazement, as you read this awe-inspiring love story, written to encourage you, as you wait for the Sacred Secret Seed of your own life to develop into something incredible, wonderful and lovely!


"This story!

I cannot take it! Chapter 1 has already gripped and grabbed me! 'I would pray that he would be obedient to God, so he wouldn't miss the opportunity to have me . . .' Omg, Something just floored me!"

Nancy Smith

"Why do bad things happen to good people?" Have you ever felt lonely, alone, rejected or betrayed? Is your child in trouble? Is your marriage being torn apart? Do you encourage everyone else but have no one to encourage you? Maybe you've been diagnosed with an illness or an incurable disease. Problems in life are inescapable, but for each problem, there is a purpose for the children of God. Learn how and why to be uplifted through your trials. Learn the purpose for suffering along with solutions. Learn to walk through your valleys with a different attitude, with more knowledge and with more power than ever before. Dr. Dowdy reveals the messages in the Holy Scriptures to help you finally understand why "bad things happen to good people". Get ready to soar above your valleys like an eagle and live the abundant life God wants for His children!

"There is Purpose in Your Valley: Understanding Life's Struggles I can't say enough great things about the book. After only reading the first few page it had me in tear because I am dealing with some things. This amazing book truly ministers to your heart and soul. Dr Dowdy breaks down the word of God so that it is easy for every one to understand. All of lessons in There is Purpose in Your Valley: Understanding Life's Struggles are backed up by scripture from God's word. This is not a book that you read in sitting because if you try you will miss the true blessing of its message. I high recommend this book and know I will be reading it again very soon."

LaToya Murchison Author of A Praying Heart: Learning How to Pray Your Way Through

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We can no longer ignore what is happening with our children, our community, our future! Read this book to learn what YOU can do to advance the education of our children. We are facing a crisis that may be bigger than you've realized! Become alert and knowledgeable about statistics with these illustrations that reveal shocking and alarming facts about what’s happening with our African American (brown) children in schools today. Discover why brown children are making some of the lowest scores on state and national assessments! If you are one who deeply cares for the success of the African American population, this is a book you should read from cover to cover. Don't miss a single word! Don't waste another moment! The time for CHANGE is NOW! Purchase your copy today!

"Thanks, thanks and thanks!

I couldn't wait . . . to tell you how your book is impacting our community! . . . I sincerely believe God's plan is for the adults to get busy strategizing ways of saving our children!!! Your book and the Bible are the basic source/resource for 'a time such as this!' God's timing is perfect and precise! Thank you for your obedience to God's timing for your writing this particular book."

Bernice Simmons

The wealth and strength of family togetherness: working and eating together, talking and listening to each other as we share our stories, laughter and fears are quickly becoming a lost culture of the past as technology and social media increase. Dr. Arlene Kearns Dowdy shares all of these, while she explores the mysterious whispers of the trees and the shadows of tombstones in a community that has been practically hidden for more than a century. She offers a sense of the emotions and courage of the youth, as they confront their fears. She allows us to discover the amazing strength and endurance of the women and children of this community. Come along, as she strolls through the yards and fields to watch children enjoy fun, free playtime. Through this author's passionate writing, we are able to know how the strong fathers interact with their children. These tales bring to life the fun and the laughter of the residents of this enchanting community, Eastwood, North Carolina, past and present.

Love Those Tales!

What delightful and mysterious tales from a small rural community in Moore County North Carolina. Dr. Dowdy not only captures the essence of the community but she also allows the reader to actually feel the presence and richness of the culture in the community. As the tales are recounted and woven into a splendor of historic community richness one finds oneself shaking with laughter at one moment and the next moment you are on edge waiting to know what's around the corner.

I certainly hope that Dr. Dowdy has another manuscript in the works to be published in the very near future.


Readers of Tales of Eastwood asked, "When is the next one coming out?" They exclaimed, "I know another one is coming out, right?" Well, here it is!

Laugh, wonder, cry, praise and hide under the covers, as you experience life with this wonderful community of family and neighbors! As you read the stories in this book, you yourself become part of history, learning from the first books ever written about this expertly tucked away place called “Eastwood.” Dr. Dowdy takes you on even more adventures in this memoir, More Tales of Eastwood! Get ready for both an enlightening as well as enriching experience!

Dr. Dowdy is a excellent writer.

This book is true to its cover. It made me laugh wonder and cry. I was hooked from beginning to end. I did not want to put it down. Great book Arlene Dowdy.

Abby Moore

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Dr. Dowdy shares her heart and soul about many of life’s issues through poetry. This is a collection of poems that she has written over the course of 40 years. The words of this book will help deepen your understanding and appreciation of your connection to the world around you.

The Wisdom and Pineal Series was birthed to encourage brown children by giving them the often unspoken truths of our history and to help them understand who we really are. For too long, brown children have wished they looked different, wanting to be someone else other than themselves. It is time for brown children to understand that they are valued and worth much more than the American majority would want them to believe. Wanna Know a Secret? is the very first book in this series. This first book gives an overview of identity, while the succeeding books will explain more focused facts and truths to encourage the children and teach them their true identity.

Very inspirational!

I wanted to read to my grands but read it first. Very inspirational and educating. I know they're going to love it!

C. Hargrove

The author uses the non-fictional setting of a lake in Willingboro, New Jersey and creates an endearing story of an unusual and unlikely friendship. When tragedy strikes, the characters take us on a trip of faith and the process of a miracle, as we watch beautiful scenes unfold.

Introduce your young scientist to the interesting insect, cousin to the grasshopper, the katydid!